Submission Guidelines

What We Are Looking For

JEEP wants what you have to say about exceptional experiences, whether they are your own or someone else’s. We appreciate scholarly articles of research, but we also appreciate artwork, poetry, videos, images, and personal accounts; essentially anything that pertains to exceptional experiences.

The Submission Process

General Guidelines:

To submit something, please send your submission to All submissions need a short autobiography of the author(s) and contact information (email address and for research articles, mailing address, too).

Regarding Copyright & Ownership of Published Material:

We appreciate your effort of wanting to further the interest and research of exceptional experiences and psychology, and therefore you, the author, retain ownership of your published material, which enables you to publish elsewhere if you so choose. However, we do ask that you not republish your submission elsewhere until the issue of JEEP in which your submission is published is no longer the current issue. This is a 6 month period, as JEEP is published bi-annually. If you have any further questions regarding ownership of published material, please contact us at

***If you are wanting to submit something that has already been published elsewhere, you will need to submit evidence of the other publishing party’s copyright and republishing rules along with your submission. Evidence may include a publication agreement, forwarded correspondence, or the URL to the copyright and republishing statements of the other publishing party.

Please read the guidelines below regarding specific submissions:

About Submitting Research Articles:

Research articles should be between 2,000 – 4,000 words and in APA format.

Please sent an abstract and keywords for indexation in database purposes.

Research articles are peer-reviewed in a double-blind process.

As research articles should be in APA format, please make sure that the language (e.g., grammar), you use is American English. For those whose English is not the primary language, assistance in grammar and syntax is available.

Please do not use superscripts and footnotes. Citations should follow APA format.

About Submitting Creative Writing & Personal Accounts:

Creative writing, personal accounts and book reviews have no minimum word count, but should be no more than 4,000 words, unless otherwise asked by the editors.

About Submitting Book Reviews:

Book reviews should be in APA format and should contain all necessary references. Book reviews should be between 300 – 1,500 words.

About Submitting Photos:

Please send photos as an attachment in an email with the following information;

Name of photo:

Description and date of incident:


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